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Derrick wrote:
I don't know. I guess as long as you understand what you are doing you should set it up the way you prefer.

I really do get it now, thanks to your posts. I just reread them, and along with the fussing I did last nite, I can see how it all works now.

Derrick wrote:
Nothing is perfect. (Except Japanese stuff) Vintage Italian design is far from perfect but they do give you things to play with. Thats were most people get into trouble.

I'm only making quater turn adjustments within the 1 to 2 and one half turn range, so I'm being careful, and I get that it won't be perfect.

Honestly, I've never had a bike that ran so well, but I only put the engine it in last year, so this year i wanted to just ride it for awhile (which i've done), and then make one last round of "tweeks" (which i'm doing now). So I'm a big fan of not tinkering endlessly, and i'm really close to this scooter being to a point were I don't have to do anything but ride it, clean it, and do routine maintainance. in fact, that's what i've been doing most of the season already!

after all that work, it's pretty freaking cool to have it turn out so well.
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