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We are currently in the process of relocating to the Twin Cities from the West Coast...... Vancouver, BC, Canada actually. I'm hoping that someone can shed a little light on the the local regulations for importing a scooter. Do you require DOT inspections to get the bikes on the road? Are a few kitted-out smallframes going to raise any alarms?


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:27 am  Reply with quote

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Luckily we don't have inspections so kitted bikes aren't a problem. As long as you have one mirror, all lights work and the headlight is always on it's legal. If the bike came with turn signals you're supposed to have them that is easily overlooked.
I couldn't find anything on-line but a phone number (651)296-6911 about registering bikes in Minnesota. It might be easier if it's 20 years or older and register it as a classic bike. I've bought bikes in Canada and didn't have any trouble getting over the border but never got around to registering them though.

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Tom Lindsay
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As long as they're from the 70s or older, it's a piece of cake - you just show customs the current title and registration, they rubber-stamp the sheet, the EPA doesn't even need to look at them, and Minnesota will tear a new title off the roll for you.

If they're less than 20 years old (or is it 25? I don't remember for sure), then it's a lot tougher. For cars, unless an identical model (not similar, but identical) was sold in the US in the same year, the process is very nearly impossible. They have to pass relevant federal EPA testing for their model year (which takes time and costs money), pass relevant safety standards tested by the DOT (this is what kills any effort to import foreign late-model cars - they need two to smash, and the person importing foots the bill), and then get signed off by customs. All this stuff is then presented to some poor sod in the Minnesota DMV who's never even seen all this paperwork, and some great hassle of state procedures follows before a title and plates are issued.

I hear it's not that bad for motorcycles, but if your smallframes are less than 20 years old and more than 50cc, it's going to be a bit of a hassle for them too. Good luck! And more to the point, good luck with your car. If it isn't identical to a US model, just sell it and buy a new car here.

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