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How'd you set up your Direct Hits kit and disabled TRICS?

Mine seems to run best with the origonal Bajaj plug and the carb slide set to the middle notch. I'm using the wire they sent with the kit, mostly because when I asked for a 7mm solid core sp wire at the auto parts store, they looked at me funny.

It seems to run smoother and has more power at the bottom with the TRICS disabled (TRICS retards the spark at low rpm).

I was thinking about going up one on the main jet, to get a little more gas WOT. The worst that could happen is that it will flood. I'm running 55-58 mph at top now (on a flat). Not to bad for a 270 lb guy lugging a briefcase. But I'd take another mph or two.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 8:42 pm  Reply with quote

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I did the TRICS mod first. I put a solid copper wire jumper across pins 7 and 8--no cutting or splicing so I'm able to revert back to stock. I, too, found greater and smoother power and at less than half throttle. TRICS didn't do anything for top end, which in theory it shouldn't.

A week later I installed the Direct Hits per their instructions, used their plug and their wire, and didn't touch the carb. My top end went from ~50 to ~57, flat, no wind, no tuck, 175 lbs, measured off the speedo. One of these days I need to get my GPS out to verify.

I'm pleased with both the mods because on my commute I sometime take highway 55 instead of backroads and like to have enough low end to get off the line and enough top end to keep up with traffic.

I'm interested to hear if going up on the main jet does anything for you. When I get time, I'll see if the stock plug performs better for me and let you know.
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