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-David Bowie

Traveling north towards Grand Marais, the southern Minnesota plains give way to the northern woods. It happens slowly, going un-noticed until at some point you suddenly realize you are now in the North Country. So it is with the seasons; the days become shorter, the air cools, the tree canopies change color imperceptibly until all at once you notice fall has arrived. If you’re like me, you begin reflecting on those rides you won’t be taking in the coming months, and you promise yourself to get in a couple more good rides before the countryside is blanketed in snow and ice.

NorthwoodSTOC v3.0 @ Trail Center Lodge
(~30 miles North out of Grand Marais, MN on the Gunflint Trail)
Saturday, October 15, 2005

"He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it - namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to obtain."
- Mark Twain "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

Twain didn’t have pancakes in mind when he wrote that bit o’ prose but there’s no denying he was right! Do YOU covet pancakes? Griddlecakes? Flapjacks? Sure you do! Want to experience The BEST this small planet has to offer? Yah, you betcha!

Well then, join some like-minded riders on Saturday, October 15 for pancakes-n-more at Trail Center Lodge - a mere 30 miles (Unless you’re Mark Foster!) from beautiful downtown Grand Marais, MN.


In past years most riders have arrived by 9:00 – 9:30. If you want breakfast, and you _do_want_breakfast_, get there by 11:45, as Trail Center stops serving breakfast PROMPLTY at 12:00 TCST (Trail Center Standard Time) on Saturdays. TC staff hold the official breakfast time clock, and it’s probably different than what your GPS or watch says. Don’t bother them with your version of reality – like moose, they just don’t care. Actually, go ahead and whine to them – it’ll be fun for the rest of us to watch what happens…You’ll come away with the knowledge that things just work differently up here – and probably a delicious lunch too.

After breakfast, ride the MN Arrowhead for more fall colors, head north to see if OPP officers will really confiscate your radar detector. (Yup.) Visit casinos even worse than those in NV., settle in for the night, or head on home. This isn't an organized event – the route, the schedule, the entertainment’s all up to you…

A word on weather… At this time of year in the MN Arrowhead, the weather can be… less than ideal for riding. But, if the sun is out the days are glorious. Be prepared for the full spectrum of Mother Nature’s offerings. (This would be the “make the thing difficult to obtain” part.)

Last year, we added a few door prizes for riders - this year… AWARDS!

Longest Documented Ride
Select rare bottle from the vaunted Etlicher Estate Cellar.

Mike Senty Award (shortest ride)
Free pancakes. (Only Mike Senty need apply.)

Oldest Bike Ridden
Age before beauty. First choice of Door Prizes.

Of course, free pancake and side dish. (Wink-wink. Nudge-nudge.)
Adulation of your more enlightened peers.

Foster Award (bring yer dog in the hack)
T.C. “Dork” dog collar for the pup.
Adulation of your most enlightened peers.
You have the best chick magnet at the event – what more do need from us?

Ain’t Never Gonna Happen Award (bring Eddie James in the hack)
I’ll fill your tank with questionable fuel at the T.C. pump. Hopefully, this will mean you both make it back to civilization, ‘cause you know you don’t want to be stranded in the Northwoods with this guy. Hey, do you hear banjo music…?

Most Shiny Chrome

Most Shiny Chrome Well Coated With NorthWoods Sludge (a’la The Grade, Sawbill Trail, etc.)
S100 Cycle Cleaner.

The Mark and Gail Perry Award (bring your SO.)
Something possibly thought to be valuable by someone. Or not.

MAC Daddy Scooter Award
MAC was a heck of a nice guy. He’d have liked it if you showed up. He’d have liked it if you showed up on a scooter. So ride a scooter. Get a prize.

2-Stroke Award
Ride one to the event. Get a free huge side-order of delicious smokehouse bacon. Seize up on the way home. (Who knows, maybe your bike will too).

Ah, good times. Good Times…

Hope to see you there. Bring yer 'lectrics!

Mike Etlicher and Amy Kuelz
Minneapolis, MN

This, though interesting, is not our website! http://pancakesforpinkos.com/
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