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Vegas Rally

Many of you have been hearing the buzz about the Vegas rally -- it sounds like this will be a HUGE event and sources say that over 300 British scooterists have already booked their rooms! I have a source that can get us some pretty decent room rates for the rally at places such as Circus Circus, Stratosphere, Boardwalk, Imperial Palace, Monte Carlo or Ballys. Rates vary from $29-59 per night (but due to Valentine's Day on the 14th that night is more expensive). The cheapest spot right now is Circus Circus. If we can get enough people to book 10 or more rooms, we'll get even better rates.
The Vegas rally is February 14-17th, 2003 and info can be found on the ScooterAce website. Please post in the Comments here if you seriously plan on going and I'll get us set up with good places to stay! If you are driving and can take along people, please post that here as well or if you are looking for a ride post your name here too. Thanks.

Posted by jeremy on November 19, 2002 11:17 AM


Derrick and I are planning on driving out with my trailer and two scooters. We would have room for one more person who would not be bringing a scooter to the rally. Get in touch with me if you want to ride along and share expenses.

Posted by jeremyw at November 19, 2002 11:54 AM

I'm seriously thinking about going but I want to get a scoot out there. JD isn't interested in going so his canyonero/trailer are out. If others are interested in going in on it I'd think about renting a U-Haul box truck and caravaning out. I'd take my truck but frankly it sucks on long trips. That little four cylinder really howls on the interstates and mountains could get real scary.

Anyhow count me in for rooms and stuff. We have some time to figure out transportation.

Posted by Jeff at November 19, 2002 01:45 PM

Just to warn everyone myself and Big Rob are going and we are expectin' anyone from the mid-west to either help us represent or at least explain to the brits what damage two american drunkards are capable of doing. I promise to only drunk dial certain minnesota ladies once that weekend.

Posted by Chris "ScumFuck" Winters at November 19, 2002 01:56 PM

My 2 cents. The word is, most US people are staying at the Golden Spike, some at the Sahara, and the Brits at the Riviera. Golden Spike is downtown. The Sahara & Riviera are next to each other on the north end of the strip. From our experience with the 2000 rally, I think it's better to be with, or very close to, the rest of the scooter crowd. So, if we're going to use Jeremy's "deals" I strongly recommend either Circus Circus or the Stratosphere, they are very close to the Sahara & Riviera. All the others are mid- or south strip. I'd probably prefer the Strat just because Circus Circus is so overrun with kids... disclaimer: Matt & I aren't sure we're going yet--we want to!! but not sure we'll be able to get away...)

Posted by Trish at November 20, 2002 08:25 AM

I will be in attendance as well, Rob, Chris and I are planing on staying @ the Rivera, or that was the last word. I have access to a trailer I could lend someone if they were driving, and in exchange for using said trailer they would haul my scooter. Let me know.

Posted by Jeremy Peterson at November 20, 2002 09:02 PM

i want to get out there, and figure out a way to get my scooter out, but have no other transportation

have been looking into renting a ranger pickup from budget, otherwise i checked out some of the box truck places and they all seem to charge mileage also which adds up hella quick

anyway, still checking options but if anyone else needs someone to help drive and share expenses in exhange for getting me and my scooter there than i'm your man, i need a freakin vacation and this sounds like the ticket

Posted by sean at November 23, 2002 12:31 AM

Golden Spike looks like it might be the place to be. Is it a total dive or what?

Personally I think the Stratosphere would be cool, but I wanna be where the action is...

Posted by Jeff at November 26, 2002 06:46 PM

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