October 24, 2001

Vespa Sound Set

Wow. I've been looking and looking and finally I found the SoundSet for Mac OS 8.5+ that is all about scooters -- the Vespa SoundSet (977k). This is a pretty well-done sound set and if you are a Mac-head and like auditory feedback to your system, you must have this. Just click the link to download it. Enjoy.

Posted by jeremy at 07:50 PM

October 19, 2001

The Zundapp Bella

My neighbor's father was out West recently and happened across this mint vintage gorgeous scooter (which he though was new) and he brought me a picture of it. It is a glorious Zundapp Bella, apparently worth about $5,000. Wow. Anybody know who's scooter this is?

Posted by jeremy at 10:26 PM

October 17, 2001

Yamaha T-500

Yamaha has released their T-Max 500, or just T-500 (yes, that's 500cc folks) scooter in Europe and it may be coming state-side soon. Smooth speeds at up to 110 mph have been reported and while it is indeed a BIG scooter, apparently it's a nice scooter, too.

Posted by jeremy at 11:33 PM