November 20, 2001

New Lambretta Scooter!!

Well they are electric and a bit smaller than the original, but cool nonetheless! CasaLambrettaUSA is bringing in a replica of the Model D Lambretta. It is exactly 3/4th the size of the original and powered by a 350 watt motor with a blazing top speed of 25/30kmh or about 15-18mph. These would be great for cruising around campus, to the corner store, or maybe racing the neighborhood kids on their razor scooters! Or perhaps spoiling your kids rotten and getting them one for Christmas. They should retail for about $1,400 for more info call Alex at 1-866-LAMBRETTA or check it out here Neat Electric Lambretta

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November 17, 2001

Another New Feature

If you have noticed, there is a voting area on the left side of The Regulars page now and this will contain little informal questions or topics from time to time. Please only vote once per topic. Yes, if you try hard enough you can vote more than once, but where's the fun in that? Ah, just have fun with it.

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November 2, 2001

The New Regulars Page!

Whoo-hoo! Finally I got the new Regulars page all finished (well, except for a few little minor touches) and it now functions as a news and information area and can be updated by the web team (me and Matt).
You'll notice a few things about this page: The time stamp at the bottom of each entry is actually the perma-link to that particular item. We can decide whether or not to allow comments per item, which you'll notice as the "comments" link next to the time stamp. Links might be pop-up images or windows. Or we can post images directly into the news item. Everything gets archived automatically (but the archive templates aren't yet finished so they look different). And this is also all published into an XML feed for other people to use on their computers/websites. Wow. Technology rocks! hee hee.
Oh, the commenting system here is not meant to replace the discussion board that we all know and love, but is merely an addition to it.

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Another Rally Picture

Finally, I got a place to put this great picture that Adrienne took at the Skooter Du 2 cookout in the parking lot. Actually, she took several shots and we stitched them together and made this wide-view version. Very nice! Thanks Adrienne!

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