December 31, 2001

Cheesecake Sells Tires?

If anybody is interested in girls and tires, there is a new book showing the history of the Pirelli calendar from '64 through today. A similar book was published a few years ago with "100 remarkable images" from the series. The calendar is apparently known for having photographers of some stature do the shoots (or become famous after doing so).

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December 29, 2001

Deplorable Advertising?

I was going to post a big long rant/analysis on this advertising, but I'll leave that up to you all (use the comments). Click image for full-size view.
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December 28, 2001

Guess The Scoot

Take a close look at the following image and test your scooter knowledge!

There should be enough clues provided in the picture for you scooter-heads to deduce the year and model of the featured scooter. Post your guesses in the comments!

Posted by jeremy at 08:10 AM