February 13, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day

John sent over a little valentine's day surprise for us: a candy heart that says "scooter" on it! How very sweet. Now if only we could get them custom made with a picture of a GS160 on them...
If you want to make your own (8 letter limit) go here.

Posted by jeremy at 09:33 PM

February 12, 2002

More Shag Art

Those kids over at VCOA got some cool scooter art from Shag for their 2002 rally. Really, though, can it compete with our own homebrew designs? *cough cough*

Posted by jeremy at 06:43 PM

February 11, 2002

Vespa Drink?

There is a 'new' sport drink in town from Vespa Power Products and the whole gist of it is that they've found out how wasps can fly all day and not be tired (they eat young wasp saliva) and have put it into this drink. Never mind that perhaps only wasps benefit from this 'food' source. It'll make you faster, stronger, smarter and sexier! Buy it now! Quick!

Posted by jeremy at 11:02 AM

February 8, 2002

The Gilera Ice

Check out this crazy little scooter from Gilera -- the new Ice model hopes to compete with other "stunt" scooters. Is there really a huge market for this? Maybe I'm getting too old or maybe you just have to try one to understand. I have to admit that I would sure like to take one out and test (ie: beat on) it for performance.

Posted by jeremy at 07:25 PM

February 3, 2002

Restored Maicoletto 250

All you guys and gals out there with cash just burning a hole in your pocket might want to check out this 1957 Maicoletto 250 Scooter currently for sale. Looks like a sweet ride.

Posted by jeremy at 12:57 PM