March 8, 2002

New Server

If you can read this, it means the new server is running the way it should. We moved everything over from the old server (a Pentium I at 200 mhz) to the new server (an AMD Athlon at 1.1 Ghz) last night. If you notice any wierdness, please contact Jeremy. The new server features much newer software, too, so we'll have more abilities if we need 'em. Hopefully the system is much faster, although the DSL connection is still the same as it ever was. Let me know if it seems better!

Posted by jeremy at 02:31 PM

March 3, 2002

The S Files Poster

Digging around in some files today I found the poster to "The S Files" movie that we made last winter and thought some of you might get a kick out of it. Click the link or the thumbnail to see it big. Anybody want a poster?

Posted by jeremy at 11:12 PM