April 25, 2002

The New Messerschmitt

A bit off-topic, but very interesting: it looks like VW's new concept car pays homage to the old Messerschmitt and check out the mileage it gets -- 239 MPG! Can anyone shed any light on the engine? Sounds like a high-tech 2-stroke. Where can I get one for my P200?

Posted by jeremy at 02:03 PM

April 6, 2002

10,000+ Miles on a 1952 Douglas 125cc Vespa!!

gregkinge.jpgGreg Kinge from England will be embarking on a tour around the USA on his '52 Douglas Vespa to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. His son died of heart problems at the age of 28. Greg and his son were avid scooterist in the UK. He hopes to hit the road next week starting in New York and working his way south to Florida then west to California then up to Portland to hit AmeriVespa and back across to New York hopefully through Minnesota! We can't be exactly sure when he will be coming through but most likely it will be early July. Hopefully we can plan something on his arrival and am looking for people who want to ride with him as he scoots through the state. If you can think of any ways to help him out, raising money, local PR, buying him dinner or anything else let me know! More details as he gets closer. Go here if you want to help while he is here in the states and go here for the complete story.

Posted by matt at 09:31 AM