August 13, 2002

Vespa, Reinvented

WIRED magazine currently is running an article entitled "Vespa, Reinvented" which covers Piaggio's past and their challenge at making a more environmentally friendly engine. Spot any errors or hype?

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August 12, 2002

Como Park Lineup

I did a quick hack-job in Photoshop to composite together eight photos I took of the scooter lineup at Como Park. Sure, the image has inconsistencies in perspectives, but it's an artistic representation of what I saw and simply for enjoyment. It does not show all the scooters, but it does show a lot of them! The main image (click on the tiny one above) is about 300k in size, so it might take a while to load over a modem. If you need a smaller version for some reason, click here.

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August 9, 2002

Vespa Display at Mall?

Word on the street says that starting this weekend, on the top floor of the Ridgedale mall near Marshall Field's, there will be Vespas (or some sort of scooters) on display for a limited time. Hmm. I'll investigate on the way home from work, perhaps...

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August 8, 2002

Win a Vespa

Basically just a marketing tie-in with the release of Coldplay's new album -- but still, a new Vespa to the winner? Nice prize. Check it out at and get the info on entering.

Posted by jeremy at 08:37 PM