December 22, 2002

Scooters Save Pets

The new BarbieŽ Pet Rescue game has a big red scooter on the cover with Barbie astride and a leg-sheild basket full of rescued pets. Yep, nothing like a buzzing blue-smoking bike to use to sneak up on scared or injured animals. From the pictures it would appear she does actually ride the vintage vespa in the game. Last minute Christmas gift, perhaps?

Posted by jeremy at 08:45 PM

December 9, 2002

Vegas Rally (part 2)

Ok, here's the deal: trying to organize a diverse group of people is like trying to herd cats (perhaps especially so with scooterists). Since everybody has a differenct preference, it'll be far simpler for everyone to simply book their own rooms/flights or whatever themselves. Some prices for Vegas are starting to go up slightly, so you should probably do this as soon as possible. If you want to use my friend at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, she'd be happy to arrange things for all us scooter fanatics. Her name is Michelle Schuneman (pronounced "skoo-na-man") and her work number is 952-941-8900. She can arrange hotels, flights, etc. Or arrange your own -- whatever works for you.

Posted by jeremy at 10:23 AM

December 5, 2002

Target Sells Scooters

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Amy, the word is out: Target is selling 50-cc 2-stroke scooters! Hooo-boy. They sure look like the "Venice" (a cheap Chinese knock-off of the Yamaha Vino) but they are called the "Milan." Yeah, naming it after a European city gives it that extra bit of class so you feel more justified in dropping $1299.00 for a 30-mph cheap-tupperware scooter. But hey, shipping and handling is only .99 cents!
Hmmm... Why not the "Frankfurt" or "Rotterdam"??

Posted by jeremy at 09:38 PM