skooter du 6: flip your wig


No helmet law in Minnesota with valid motorcycle license/endorsement. But please consider it!
Must wear eye protection.
Must have at least 1 mirror.
Must have working head and tail lights, even during the day.
Must have valid motorcycle license/endorsement or learner's permit for scooters over 50cc.
Must have current proof of liability insurance.

Common Sense
You are responsible for your own actions, please drive safely around others.
If you don't have a motorcycle license/endorsement or insurance, we don't want to know -- that is your responsibility -- but at least wear a helmet and make sure lights are working.
If someone breaks down HELP THEM! And let others know someone is down, we don't want anyone getting lost. The support truck will be behind us and they'll attend to any serious scooter troubles.

Waiver of Liability: By registering as a participant or taking part in any events of the Skooter Du rally you agree to release The Regulars Scooter Club, the venues, sponsors, and all people involved in hosting this rally from any and all liability for your safety, health, or property.
All events, including the gymkhana, are voluntary, and you understand that certain risks are involved and you are liable for your own actions.
Please ride responsibly and show respect for other participants and the public at large.

The Regulars urge you to ask any club member for transportation if you are intoxicated.

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